BREAKING: Project Veritas To Release Undercover Footage Of MSM!

Project Veritas has announced a new investigation where they have gone undercover inside the Mainstream Media and are about to release 'hundreds of hours' of footage exposing the MSM! Infowars reporter Millie Weaver covers this latest announcement made on the Sean Hannity Show where James O'Keefe reveals he has 'moles' inside the MSM and that they are about to do a 'Wikileaks style' data dump. When Hannity asks which media outlet Project Veritas infiltrated, O'Keefe implies CNN. In other news, Millie Weaver discusses how the TV series Homeland has a new character mirrored after Alex Jones. This fictional radio host, whose last name is O'Keefe, is a lunatic fringe radio host who, on the show, fuels the fire of conservative extremists. This wannabe 'Alex Jones' character appears to be yet another attempt my the MSM to demonize Infowars and their listeners.