Abraham Bolden The Echo from Dealy Plaza Part 1, 1516

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I got a chance to interview Abraham Bolden, the nation’s first black Secret Service agent, who was picked by President Kennedy to be the first black Secret Service agent on his White House protective force.
In Part 1 of this interview, Bolden discovered that most of the Secret Service team in charge of President Kennedy’s protection didn’t like JFK and talked openly about not protecting him in case of an assassination attempt. In addition, many were heavy drinkers and some were even drunk on duty.
Ultimately, nothing was done about breaking up this culture of a hard-drinking, heavy partying, group of the agents charged with protection of the American president, and this is the root of all the subsequent problems of Secret Service scandals up to the present day.
Shortly before Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, Bolden couldn’t stand it any longer. He went to the head of the Secret Service and told him about his concerns and asked to have himself removed from the Presidential protection team, because they weren’t doing the job and he could not be a part of that.
Less than 2 months later, President Kennedy was shot to death, and Bolden thinks the man who was blamed for his death was really a patsy. He thinks the real perpetrators were part of a very well-organized conspiracy.
And we’ll get into that in Part 2