Why I can't block a specific person?

Why I can't block a specific person?

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Someone keeps tagging me on a post that is obviously a virus. And when I try to block that person I get an error message. I'm worried about my privacy, please help!
Asked about 3 years ago by Yasmin Jahanbakhsh
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    • Judie Green 4,829 answersRising Star
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      Since you are unable to block this person then the recommended solution is to make sure your privacy settings are such that no strangers can post or comment on your stuff...please go to the end of the blue bar at the top of your timeline , click on settings, and go down the list on the left click on each category and set your privacy to only "Friends" nothing "public".
      • Why isn't there a way to let Facebook be aware of this "glitch" so they can fix it?
        Posted about 3 years ago by Sharon Leigh
      • I am not sure there is any "glitch" I just came from her site and I can both "report" and "block" her with no problem...it would appear she has a block on you i... See More
        Posted about 3 years ago by Judie GreenRising Star
      • Excuse me, but I do know how blocking works, if I were blocked, I would not see anything she posts, that's how it's always worked. Also, I would not find her in... See More
        Posted about 3 years ago by Sharon Leigh
      • I understand what you mean Sharon. I have the same problem! Every time I`m blocking him, he is back again with two new profiles, If I`m blocking one of them It... See More
        Posted about 2 years ago by Ann Wang
    • Sharon Leigh 10 answers
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      Same here, I keep getting that message when I try to block this one person but not on anyone else. I used the help feature, will that make it so they block the person for me?


      She posts porn all the time, really nasty videos involving animals, I don't want that showing up and I don't want to see it.
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      • Nice work. :)
        Posted about 3 years ago by Nick Bouton
      • Thanks Nick!
        Posted about 3 years ago by Sharon Leigh
      • I reported the pictures and videos to Facebook and they did not deem them as porn or objectionable.... so the need to block is very important right now. Are they all young 20 something men deciding what is porn vs what they want to see and don't want to go away?
        Posted about 3 years ago by Sharon Leigh
      • She's finally either gone or blocked, either way it shows the page unavailable message. That only took 6 weeks to accomplish LOL :D
        Posted about 2 years ago by Sharon Leigh
    • Judie Green 4,829 answersRising Star
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      YASMIN: If you have the persons name you can go to the top of your Timeline, click on the Padlock Icon, at the bottom of dropdown box click "How can I stop someone from bothering me", on next dropdown in the space provided for blocking just type in the persons name, a box will open with the list of names and photos of every person on Facebook with that name...scroll down till you see the one you are looking for and on the right click "block".
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      • Why I can't block a specific person?
        just done whot you sayed : but dosen ' t work on my wall:::! the person , a specific perosn , ...he is remain " not blocvced " ..i m sorry , wht's appended on it?
        Posted about 3 years ago by Donatella Santoro
      • There is a person (blond in a pink shirt who goes by Carmen Reed and Carmen McHone (2 versions of that name McHone). I tried to block Carmen McHone because it's bogus and it won't let me block her.
        Posted about 2 years ago by Sharon Day
      • You can't block FaceBook agents that harass pages that stand for Truth. For example on the NOM page there's a FaceBOok agent (lance d anderson) that can see everyone's profile but cannot be blocked. I guess it's a facebook protocol
        Posted about 2 years ago by Carlos Gaby Polidura
    • Nick Bouton 1 answer
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      Having the same problem -- getting page suggestions from a person I'm not connected with at all. When I try and block them, either via the Privacy page or using the Report button on their profile, I get a popup error saying "The blocking system is overloaded, please try again".

      How is this person inviting me to like pages when we aren't connected at all, and why can't they be blocked?
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