In 1987 the New York Times ran a story, 51 about a little known cult called “The Finders”. The first paragraph reads: “Police officials here said today that six disheveled children found in Tallahassee, Fla., might be the offspring of members of a little-known cult, but the officials said they had not ruled out the possibility of kidnapping.” The Finders had previously been described in the media: “In appearance, the Finders—mostly middle-aged men, always in dark suits—wouldn’t be out of place managing a local funeral home. But the behavior of the handful of adherents has people wondering whether they arrived by flying saucer. Townspeople say the Finders constantly walk the streets, following people home and taking extensive notes and pictures. They often appear at local council meetings, never saying a word but simply observing the scene. At other times, they plunder the visitor’s center of brochures, maps, and local travel guides. And they haunt the courthouse, scouring land deeds to find out who owns the local real estate,” 52, WASHINGTON CITY PAPER. Who are these suspicious people, and what were they doing with 6 undocumented children, transporting them across the country? The children were found to show signs of sexual abuse 53, CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Customs agents raided one the Finders compounds, and found detailed instructions on obtaining children for unknown purposes and several photographs of nude children 54, US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT .The US News and World Report article continues: “The more the police learned about the Finders, the more bizarre they seemed: There were suggestions of child abuse, Satanism, dealing in pornography and ritualistic animal slaughter. None of the allegations was ever proved, however. The child abuse charges against the two men in Tallahassee were dropped.” The stories about The Finders quickly died down, but would not disappear entirely, as rumors linking The Finders to the CIA persisted. According to the US News and World Report, “Customs Service documents reveal that in 1987, when Customs agents sought to examine the evidence gathered by Washington, D.C., police, they were told that the Finders investigation 'had become a CIA internal matter.' The police report on the case had been classified secret,” [54] Florida congressman Tom Lewis was quoted as saying: “'Could our own government have something to do with this Finders organization and turned their backs on these children? That's what all the evidence points to," says Lewis. "And there's a lot of evidence. I can tell you this: We've got a lot of people scrambling, and that wouldn't be happening if there was nothing here.'“ A connection was produced, and confirmed by the CIA: A firm that provided computer training to CIA officers also employed several members of the Finders. Anyone researching the CIA will come to the conclusion that the organization does not contract training out to other sources, it only ever creates proprietary organizations.

I would love to be able to say I have exhausted all there is to know about organized pedophilia. Unfortunately, the truth is that I have only captured a glimpse of the epidemic. For example, I have not even touched pedophile rings in the United Kingdom, of which there are many well documented cases I hope that every single person who reads this post will be spurred to do further research, and help bring to light the child holocaust that is happening under our noses. I will end this post with a list of questions for further thought.
*How can pedophiles and sympathizers exist at crucial positions to prevent investigations from ever gaining steam?
*Why do so many people with a military intelligence background seem to have a vested interest in marginalizing victims of ritual abuse?
*How could victims of satanic ritual abuse exist in such diverse geographic areas and from such different walks of life?
*Why has the FBI and CIA failed to ever bust a major child trafficking ring? And why aren't missing children counted?
*Is it suspicious that the transgressions of Americas notorious serial killers are so similar to the claims presented by victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse?
*Should we further investigate the social connections of high profile pedophiles, such as Sandusky and George Bush, and Savile and the Royal family?
*Should this information make us rethink the Feds recent push for gun control?
*Could organizations that traffic children also be involved in terrorism?
*What can I do to spread information about this epidemic?
*Is it possible that intelligence agencies or satanic cults would provide children to politicians with a purpose of blackmailing them?
Some final notes. This account is brand new for anonymity purposes but I am a long time redditor and have been actively contributing to this conspiracy subreddit for a period of time as well. Feel free to repost this essay as you see fit, anywhere, without worrying about credit. I do not care about recognition, I only want this information to be made public.

Micheal Aquino has a ghetto ass website. You can read his response to the child rape allegations here. Maybe child raping satanist, maybe just some weird guy who likes Indiana Jones puns.
The soundproof room can be explained by his desire to have cooler "secret ceremonies" in his "chamber."
Soundproofing : There’s no point in conducting a secret ceremony if everyone else can hear you, so consider this when you construct your chamber. It is not necessary to scream your invocations at the top of your lungs; it is the deliberation of your delivery that counts. 
The motive behind this ring is control. When a high ranking politician is involved in pedophilia and people have the evidence on him or her, they can completely blackmail that person. They will promote his candidacy knowing that he is completely under their control. Prior to the 1960's there were rumours of a homosexual mafia, homosexuals promoting each because of their shared secrets. Spies were also recruited in this manner. Now with so many gay people (and fetish people) proudly out of the closet, that doesn't apply anymore. Pedophilia is so heinous that it has become the new blackmail secret. There are people who would sell their soul to the devil in return for fame, wealth, and power. The devil wants more than a signature, he wants actions. Blood in.. blood out.
Wow, this insight really is a strong case for why pedophilia might be more prevalent among these high ranking positions than you'd suspect! It might even be used as an oath ritual... It'd be a very compelling way to make a new initiate to the secret gang loyal, to make him commit pedophilic acts and file some photos and videos of it in the archives of the secret gang. Rationally thinking, even if not morally thinking, pedophilia is a very powerful tool. I never realized this before your post! Amazing insight.
Aaron Swartz died under very mysterious circumstances after looking into MIT files which linked parts of MIT to international child sex trafficking. Swartz's death is one of a long line of mysterious suicides which serve to conceal the depth of the child sex trafficking industry.
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