SR 1439 – Project Veritas Films Anarchists Planning to Disrupt Inauguration

Good evening, I’m still reporting on inside the plans to disrupt the inauguration of Donald Trump.
Project Veritas has just put out a new exposé that is very disturbing. An undercover reporter infiltrated a shadowy leftist/anarchist group known as #Disrupt J20.
I grew up in Washington. I don’t know these guys personally, but I recognize the mindset. They are hardcore radical Trotsky-esque communist/anarchists. I know that’s a mouthful, but these guys are just basically thugs who don’t want to work – don’t want to get up in the morning and do something constructive – but they will do anything for a buck.
They hate Donald Trump and are deeply jealous of the American success story that he represents. They are determined to disrupt Trump’s inauguration to whatever extent they can because they hate him, and they are getting paid a pretty penny to do so by forces unknown.
Here’s an example from the Project Veritas investigation:
Nice guy, huh? If you try to close us down we will look for your house, we will burn it. I haven’t seen someone stupid enough to make this assertion in a public place in a long, long time. Let’s hope that the new Trump FBI will find a nice warm place where this guy can spend a few nights on both sides of Jan. 20.
As far as our team losing. All I can say is our team – the forces of an organized civilization protected by the rule of law – cannot protect everyone, everywhere; however, to say we will lose, falls under the category of an old Still maxim: “never antagonize your enemies.” 
That’s just asking for it, and Donald Trump definitely has the warriors to come and get you.
The next thing the Project Veritas investigators tackled was that they were invited to a planning meeting by this #Disrupt J20 to talk about how they could disrupt the DeploraBall – one of the many Friday evening Balls after the Inauguration. In years past the new president tries to make a brief appearance as at many of these balls as time and remaining energy allows.
The brazenness of these anarchists is remarkable, even if their skills are third rate.
Project Veritas at this point in their investigation turned it all over to the FBI, the Secret Service and the DC Metro Police.
Let’s hope these characters are under arrest.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good evening.

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington.