President Elect Ambushed By The Shadow Government

Three blind mice. The FBI's James Comey, now under investigating the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who in his own words said "My fingerprints were on that national intelligence estimate." When referring to the bogus intelligence that got the United States into the Iraq War in 2002. And recently lied to Congress about every American's right to privacy from the Orwellian surveillance state. And the CIA's John Brennan, as Roger Stone put it a Saudi mole, a man who voted for the Communist party in 1976, and a Wahhabi convert. all of them loyal to the globalist Obama Administration and on their way out with nothing to lose. Three Amigos utilizing information warfare to foment order out of chaos.

Question is, who is running the show here? The Compromised Intelligence Agency's Fronting for the interests of a shadow government or the duly elected President Elect Donald Trump, who as the head of the Executive Branch of our government should not be subjected to the blackmail tactics of an out of control globalist controlled media ambush.