We've made many huge discoveries in the past few weeks. Dyncorp, James Alefantis' clear connection with child-trafficker Laura Silsby, underground tunnels and more. It's a shame that David Seaman hasn't yet covered any of these, but we're sure that he and others would want to cover this.
After receiving an anonymous tip, we may have now discovered what Alefantis was trying to hide with those death threats.

Pegasus was formerly owned by Joseph T. Scheve and Nellie T. Hubbard of New Hope Academy, affiliate of the "Moonie Cult" of Unification Church, funded by South Korean cult mogul Hak Ja Han.

  • Pegasus was previously owned by Joseph T Scheve, business manager of New Hope Academy
  • New Hope Academy is funded by Women's Federation for World Peace
  • WFFWP is owned by the leader of South Korea's "Moonie Cult" of Unification Church

If you search for "Castellum" in the recorder of deeds, you can see that the trustee for this property is listed as "Nellie T. Hubbard". This can be cross-referenced via the Daily Washington Law Reporter, where the estate was transferred to James "Akfantis" after Nellie's husband, Joseph T. Scheve died in 2008. It appears that Alefantis inherited/purchased Pegasus off this couple.

This is where it gets interesting. If you do a search on Joseph T Scheve, it shows that he was the Business Manager of New Hope Educational Institute, located on 7009 Varnum Street. New Hope Educational Institute, also known as "New Hope Academy", is funded by the Women's Federation for World Peace.

Guess who runs the Women's Federation for World Peace? It is run by Hak Ja Han, the current leader of the "Moonie" cult of the Unification Church. She became the leader after her husband, Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the cult, died in 2012.
So what's the Unification Church all about? Let's hear what Steven Hassan, a former victim of the cult has to say about it.
STEVE HASSAN: Little did I know, within a few weeks I would be told to drop out of school, donate my bank account, look at Moon as my true parent, and believe my parents were Satan. I didn't even believe in Satan until I met the group. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/sep/03/moonie-cult-leader
The Unification Church is speculated by some to be directly related to the recent cult-puppet scandal that had South Korea's president impeachedhttp://archive.is/qqFpg http://archive.is/7uVFr

It appears that Joseph Scheve and Nellie Hubbard owned several properties.
Back in 2011, a blogger was discussing about the "Borf Building" that was being built in 1644 North Capitol Street, NW. One of the commenters discovered that the owners were Joseph T. Scheve and Nellie Hubbard. Let's have a look at what it looks like today.

Oh, isn't that a fancy entrance! An entrance with a... peace symbolPNG? No, a peace symbol doesn't have 5 pointers. This symbol closely resembles an inverted pentacleJPG, one of the main symbols for Satanism and/or Freemasonry.
Conveniently, the Unification Church and the Freemasons Building, Scottish Rite, are next door neighbors located in the center of DC. Coincidence? I think not.

Hmm... Nellie owns a fancy place called the "Blooming Gardens". Her other house, located right near New Hope Academy, appears to have more than 15 residents, comprised mostly of "Scheves" and "Hubbards". There's a big discrepancy in the cleanliness of the two properties, which strikes as odd.
Several properties surrounding the New Hope Academy have excessive amounts of residents listed, which raised speculations from the anonymous tipper. Could the children be held captive in this area? Here are some other examples: http://archive.is/0xNjT

Additional points:
  • The New Hope Academy's website shows very young children who appear to come from places such as Haiti and Africa. http://archive.is/HBDQG
  • The "Boys Town" of Washington DC is located in its vicinity. http://archive.is/1ecj2
  • The academy also has a branch operation in Haiti, and promotes a scholarship program called the Gambia Project, which is stated to be in partnership with Women’s Federation for World Peace, which it notes, "greatly helps with facilitating this program". http://archive.is/mhrhJ

To sum things up, things are looking increasingly suss here.

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