It has been deleted
comment info deleted also
Read this also deleted.. WTF why are they deleting this stuff?
This one has proof of a coverup
After I made my "Stable" post here https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1547234/7535486
I started looking for youth camps in Madison County Va
Came across a huge youth camp called shenandoah springs
Strange enough the facebook page seems to be gone
But they have a few websites with a ton of photos
archive.is was giving me errors but I was able to finally archive additional photos
Could be innocent but i'm sure this place would be a pedos dream
This camp is part of the
But looking a little deeper into CCCA member camps I found a pedophile sex scandal @ Camp Good News
Camp Good News to reopen after sex scandal
Camp Good News has camps all over the US and is CCCA member
Camp shenandoah springs is also a CCCA member
This looks like it needs further investigation, is Podesta or the Clinton foundation etc tied to any of these camps or associations?
2nd edit:
Man Accused In Camp Good News Abuse Found Dead- Sandwich, MA (Suicided)
This smells real fishy...
Lawyer: Possible Abuse Cover-up at Camp Good News
lawyer garabedianlaw representing 13 pedophilia victims @ Good new Camp
More accusations of abuse at a Cape Cod summer camp. More than a dozen people now claim they were abused as children in the 70's and 80's at Camp Good News in Sandwich, Massachusetts. An attorney representing the alleged victims claims the camp was involved in a cover-up. "If thirteen people have contacted me in the last month claiming to have been sexually molested at this camp, than there is something wrong at this camp," said Attorney Mitchell Garabedian of Boston.
The floodgates opened after Senator Scott Brown revealed in his memoir he had been molested at a summer camp on the Cape back in the 70's. Brown never named Camp Good News, but officials there confirmed Brown attended their camp forty years ago.
Pastebin with Voat timeline and some pertinent comments
Edit 4
another CCCA camp with sexual abuse
Camp kanakuk
Christian Sports Camp in Branson Facing Sex Abuse Lawsuits
CCCA is a member of an "INTERNATIONAL" group called (CCI) Christian Camping International a collection of Christian camps around the world....
The Clinton foundation also has a group of kids summer camps (TLC Kids Group)
Jay Jacobs is the CEO of the TLC Kids Group, which owns and operates three sleep-away camps in upstate New York and Pennsylvania, four day camps on Long Island, NY, a day school, a management company and a charitable foundation. During the summer, Jay works as the hands-on director of Timber Lake Camp in New York’s Catskill Mountains.
Not sure If this is the same "TLC Kids Group"
But they donate a lot of money to Hillary and the dems
CONTRIBUTIONS $842,272 since 1990
They have 7 camps one of them (Tyler Hill Camp) Full Season Resident Camp
The tyler hill camp had at least one known pedo
Man facing sex-related charges was counselor in Pennsylvania
Another TLC camp (Hampton Country Day Camp)
They also made the news
Packed House Summer Home To Counselors
‘I left because I felt unsafe,’ young woman said
she said the atmosphere was “a huge party environment.” There was “constant drinking in the house.” When the residents, many of whom were under 21, weren’t partying there, they were hitting the clubs, particularly in Montauk. It was not unusual for her housemates to bring strangers back after clubbing.
East Hampton Camp Relocates Counselors From Three Houses After Court Order
Here is the Timber lake camp
the timber lake camp made the news also
A 9yo girl Riley Sandler died of respiratory failure
Her dad was Ian Sandler, a hedge fund executive from New York He was with Morgan Stanley, The Carlyle Group, Citadel LLC, & Insight Venture Partners many of whom are Clinton foundation donors.
It was her last night at camp. And she was a first year camper some speculate she had meningitis and was coughing up blood others say a foundation was set up too quickly in the child's name these threads are a little strange
another thread
Just found out an old friend lost her 9 yo dd to respiratory distress. NINE YEARS OLD! was on last night of overnight camp. so tragic, i can't imagine the pain
Another thread says this:
I know the family. It's horrific. It was not meningitis. It is not known right now. It's absolutely a nightmare for them.
Bloomberg wrote up a story
The foundation’s board includes Horner, Haley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Gerard O’Connor and Paul Burke, the head of Nightingale-Bamford. The team had raised more than $1.46 million prior to Thursday’s event, with sponsors including Citigroup Inc. donating more than $20,000 and Bank of America Corp. and Jefferies Group about $10,000 each. Bloomberg Philanthropies has provided a grant for the foundation’s work.
Scene Last Night: Honoring Riley With Barbecue, Bunny Ears
Not sure what to make of the foundation, They never seem to say what Riley died of...
Remember Podesta and the Clintons & Clinton foundation are tied to these places also
This whole subject needs more investigation

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