Julian Assange says no Russian Hacking

So we have been lied to so many times. I think we need to do something about these people we pick for now on. and hold them accountable for there treason and the #FAKENEWS needs to go stop watching them. stop sharing their lies to Facebook and twitter. STOP POSTING ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY bury them in the ground and never dig them up again. they have lied to us enough

I am sick of the he said she said BS this is not real news its gossip so please stop.. FACEBOOK GROUPS THIS MEANS YOU!!!!

I’m glad I’ve been off this last week lest I would have had to follow the dumbest propaganda diversion trick in the book. Since the Clinton/Obama cult have already used up all their Trump Tricks in their little black book of evil, they are forced to pull the tired old McCarthy rabbit out of their hat and run it up the flag pole.

And guess what? It’s working. The entire herd is off chasing this wild goose instead of the real thing – the cabal of evil revealed in the last batch of Wikileaks.

I even tried to dig up my card from Bill McIlhany. He’s the leading authority on the history of stage magic to see if he had a comment on this practice, but all my contact info seems to be out of date. Bill, if you are out there, please drop me a line at stillreport@gmail.com .

So here’s what the American MSM is currently using to divert our attention for their old friend, the wicked witch of the North, and comrade Obama, who is in fact is way to the left of Vlad Putin.

This just in – President Obama says that Comrad Clinton would have beaten Donald Trump had it not been that unnamed computer hackers – better known as “the Russians” - hacked into the DNC computer email system and stole prima facie proof that key Dems are guilty of any number of additional criminal activities.

Is it a crime to steal proof from criminals that they have committed other felonies? I don’t know.

Oh-oh. Better tell the MSM to emphasize it’s the Russians, the Russians, the Russians; and ignore the Clintons. And it’s working.

Where did our collective brains go? The Russians have been hacking into this nation’s computer systems since well before the fall of the Soviet Union – in fact since the dawn of computer systems. And I’ve got a flash for NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC; we are doing the exact same cyber attacking on them – and we are doing it even better!

This is not news. This is what a major powers’ intelligence apparatus is expected to do, and if they didn’t do it successfully, we would find someone who could as a matter of national security necessity.

I’ve not been a fan of Vladimir Putin in the past, but lemme tell you, it’s a strange world when I feel by trust sensors shifting towards believing Putin over our own President.

I think Putin explained what is going on very clearly at a forum filmed in October – just 2 weeks before our elections - by Ruptly.


So listen up. Our top retired NSA technical experts say it wasn’t the Russians – but someone inside the DNC. And, it just so happens that the person in charge of the largest voter database turned up shot in the back with no motive and no one charged.

WikiLeaks says it wasn’t the Russians – by the way, where is Julian Assange? He was the most sought-after interview in the world a couple of months ago, and suddenly he disappears and no one seems to care? What’s up with that? Where is he? Why aren’t people asking about his status?

What about that last video interview? As it turns out that may have been faked with leading-edge video replacement technology.

Donald Trump rightly is tired of this globalist treachery and says let’s get on with something useful – like plugging the borders and then going after the Clinton Crimp Syndicate.

Oh no, he didn’t actually say the second one. No Trump actually says let’s drop spending one more second focusing on the Crooked Clintons because we’ve got so many more useful things to do with our time dealing with problems that - like it or not - are wayyy bigger and just can’t wait.

However, you can bet that there are enough people in Congress who have been out-and-out lied to over and over again in the past 8 years - who understand the importance of the rule of law – and so will take care of the Clintons - and the MSM can choose whether to cover it or not.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Bill and Hill were tried for multiple felonies and the MSM choose to ignore the whole thing because they knew it would look like another big black mark on the Dems?

Would that be Putin’s fault too?

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine