Greetings World! We are Anonymous! This Message is to Governor Rick Snyder of the Great State of Michigan, the Mayor Suzanne Pixley and City Officials of Eastpointe Michigan. Anonymous DEMANDS a full Investigation into House Arrest Services where Headquarters is also based. The knowledge of Conspiracy by Lee County Florida Sheriff Mike Scott in collusion with House Arrest Services in June of 2016, has been confirmed by the Assistant City Attorney. The crimes committed that were seen by the City of Eastpointe public Officials were sent to be investigated by Local Authority, yet they were ignored. This crime was based out of Michigan! House Arrest Services helped Conspire with Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott to intentionally arrest a Citizen of Florida protected by Due Process of Law, and Title 18 Federal Codes 241 and 242. Your lack of intervention by turning a blind eye in the Oaths you were sworn to uphold, believes to be a lack of leadership, or collusion with Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi, both of which have protected the 20th Circuit Courts of Florida’s Lee Sheriff Mike Scott’s many wrong doings on the people. Anonymous is very concerned that your Judicial System as well, might be compromised if you’re going to allow such activity without taking immediate action on this matter. The information provided of Federal Offenses in violation of Federal Laws now lies in your hands. Eastpointe, Michigan seems to have its hands full at this time, with a Lawsuit filed BY the Department of Justice protecting the Voting rights of Blacks. Light has already been shed on Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott and local authority targeting Blacks in South Florida. We would hope you ensure Due Process to the People and investigate this Racketeering scam, Headquartered in your State. We do not forgive! We do not Forget! We are Anonymous! Expect us!

from News Just For You