College Professor EXPOSES Women's March on Washington: Feminism is Cance...

Feminism is a literal cancer to the West. functions very much like cancer does inside the body. Many do not recognize how destructive feminism is: it encourages women to seek "independence" from men in exchange for reliance on the state. This is what the speeches of Chelsea Handler, Ashley Judd, and Scarlett Johansson were all about. Feminism has bred a monster of self-victimized, far-too-privileged women who fabricate rape claims to get attention and demand more entitlements.

Women in the West have gone from productive, innovative members of society with large families and strong marriages, to enslaved state-owned welfare queens. As they are fed more entitlements, they become more entitled. Economies in Western nations have tallied billions in debt (per year) because of the voracious appetite of women for social services. They want to be equal, they say, except when it comes to the economy. In that case, they'll take billions in government handouts, predominately paid for by the taxes of men, and then they'll have marches to protest patriarchy. This is, of course, highly ironic: they're complaining about patriarchal society yet taking all of the money from the patriarchy in power. Feminists aren't self-empowered, independent women. They're a joke and should be treated as such. I find the most compelling cases against feminism are presented by women. While feminism refuses to listen to men who puts forward the facts, they are more likely to listen to a woman.

Feminism is a prominent movement in many Western countries including Canada, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, and the United States. It has spread like a cancer; it has absolutely no objective except to destroy the host body it lives in. That is why a majority of the feminists at the "Women's March" couldn't identify a common reason for their march except: Donald Trump. The truth is that it's not so much about Donald Trump as it is about maintaining their contrived victimization status and cementing their reliance on the state. The most famous speech delivered at the Women's March on Washington D.C. was a poem recited by Ashley Judd that proved feminists have no objective except to get more entitlements and welfare. This was made clear in Ashley Judd's demand for tax exempt tampons, which sounds comical, but it points to a much larger issue. 

Several studies and books have looked into the destruction that women are causing to economies across the world. The EU is in a debt crisis. This was explored in the 2016 book edited by Caroline De La Porte and Elke Heins that states that women pay significantly less in taxes and consume significantly more in social services. They are a major problem with the debt crisis. A 2010 study of New Zealand women found the same thing: women are contributing to a growing national debt. And a vast majority of the U.S.'s multibillion dollar entitlement programs is administered to women. Studies on food stamps (which significantly expanded under Obama), TANF, and Section 8 Housing shows upward of 60-90 percent of these entitlements are received by women. While the term "welfare queen" is considered derogatory, there really is no better term to describe what is happening with women in the West. 

People need to wake up to the lies of feminism and their globalist agenda. Perhaps this is why feminism has an unholy alliance with Islam. Both have embraced globalism, both extract billions in welfare from Western countries without contributing anything in taxes, and both openly lie in order to push their agendas.

No, the title of this video is not misleading. I am a medical college professor. I have taught classes in medical technology, robotics, biomedical instrumentation, medical informatics, and trends. Many of my colleagues are feminists. I am an antifeminist. I operate an anonymous channel due to my work. I am also born again in the Lord Jesus and encourage you to give your life to him.