Cenk Uygurs wife is seeing a Trump Supporter

Uygur was born and raised in a Muslim family, but is now a self-described "fervent agnostic", And is also a lie he is still a participating Muslim but has also self-described as an atheist.In 2010, along with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Uygur accepted the "Emperor Has No Clothes Award" from the Freedom From Religion Foundation and later the Humanist Media Award from the American Humanist Association. He is married to Wendy Lang, a marriage and family therapist. who is now seeing a Trump supporter and why he hates trump so much Wendy said in a interview that she wanted a real man. So she started Dating Jake Stell a Trump Supporter. They are the parents of a son, born in July 2010 and a daughter, born in October 2012. Cenk has stated that he grew up a fan of the Fenerbah├že S.K. soccer team. which is a lie. No information he was on any team at all. most of what you read about him is lies if it came from him..

Eagle Rising – The Young Turks have gained fame in liberal circles for their frank (and often profanity laced) liberal perspective on politics. They are not looking to make friends with their style of confrontational and in your face opinion making. There are not many conservatives who will take the time to listen to what the Young Turks are saying, but in all honesty, they’re not trying to win converts – they’re preaching to the liberal choir.

Half of the Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, may have gone too far this time though. In an expletive filled rant, he demanded that Republicans “Move the F*** on” from Benghazi. Saying that while he too thought the administration had fudged and done wrong on Benghazi, Republicans had many more crimes to answer for… so they should just move on.
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