Breaking: Catholics Turn Against Satanic Pope Francis

One of the best things is the fact that we can now say “President Trump.” 

Fawning media pundits and those armies of liberals who worship propriety will use the term “president” to address his predecessor; however, he is just “Obama,” plain and simple. It’s good to be rid of him. Now the real work can be done.

The primary focus of the American people from a perspective of priorities should be to convince the president to rally the Congress on one hand, and to use executive orders on the other to reverse the damage done by Obama over the past eight years. This is where it will take the American citizens to get the ball rolling on this. For those who may think it cannot be done, look at Prohibition. That heinous law was repealed, and in this light so can the evils pushed through Congress when the Democrats controlled it and the bureaucratic and executive fiats ramrodded upon us also may be negated.
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