Jakari Jackson Leaves InfoWars when he Finds Out the Truth

Jayar Jackson Leaves InfoWars when he Finds Out the Truth
A friend is an audio visual vendor here in Austin. I listen to InfoWars sometimes but this guy is the trendy type that Jones hates. Trendy doesn't do conspiracy just multi-colored socks. So Trendy is in there a couple of weeks making improvements. He tells me that InfoWars has to be doing great in order to be spending money like crazy to trick out their studios and build new ones.

Then yesterday he tells me the rest of the story. He said that he heard Biggs and Jakari Jackson talking. Biggs was saying, "I know it's not perfect and maybe we have sold out in some areas but we still get out enough truth to accomplish our mission." He couldn't hear what Jakari said because he was talking softer. Then Biggs said, "I think you can do more good here exposing issues. We don't have to believe everything Alex says." Again, he can't hear Jakari. Then Biggs says, "Well, issues like Palestine are never going to come up and we both know that. But people will start looking into everything if they hear our show even if some things are skewed so we still get paid."

Then Alex shows up and starts yelling at everybody and acting like a maniac. Trendy said no one even knew what was wrong. It was one of those, "My coffee is tepid", throw it in the face of your personal assistant type tirades.

Then Biggs goes on, "See, he's tired of it too. But we can work it out over time." Then Jakari says, "Yeah maybe, but Alex is the gatekeepers gatekeeper. He won't give up the wealth. He's rich now. He gets marching orders an changes on a dime. Now it's back to Cops are all good all the time because someone wants that paradigm....they need that division instead of there's problems on both sides of this."

Then they both pushed back their chairs and just sat there. Then Biggs said, "Do you have to do. Comic books are an honest living."

So Trendy's summation was that InfoWars is racist and trying to push Jakari out. My summation is that Alex is exerting complete control over everything and wants the message slanted to appease his masters just like any other news outlet. Jakari thought he would have more freedom and that's just not the case.

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