URGENT WARNING: #OpFakeAnon Exposure - Wayne K Baalbek

Since our main page has been Unpublished from Facebook, because of repeated violations that are made aware to Facebook by reports by users, in this case we have had many from a certain person named in this video, we have made this video warning Anons.

All of the links are below that you need to know more about this Fake Anon and his Fake page including his supporters.

Our main page was a MAJOR page against Fake anons and fake pages profiting from the #Anonymous name.

Some of these are also admins or editors on Wayne K Baalbek's, Anonymous Legion page, World.Anonymous.Legion and they post their links about their articles on his page that gain profit by online traffic.

Thus, they have supported Wayne and his agenda to lie about admins from our main page and other Anons on other pages and groups and to report their pages, groups and profiles, using Facebook to give them blocks and to prevent them from posting or defending themselves and sadly, to bring their pages or groups down by using Facebook to unpublished them.

This Wayne K Baalbek and his administrators are all FAKE anons, as they support his infighting and division between Anons.

If they truly respected the Anonymous idea, they would have removed themselves from his page and stopped supporting him and removed him from their friends list, but they have chosen to be under his leaderfag control and support his lies and Of course they would as they profit from the traffic used via his Fake page to get clicks for those to read their articles.

As our main page, Anonymous for justice, warned and exposed and informed our over 400 Thousand supporters, we were a major obstacle for their agenda and personal gains using the name of Anonymous.

Now that we are currently our of their way, these fakes, fakes pages and groups that post click bait, gofundme links and other non Anon content to gain clicks and traffic, they are able to have much freedom to do so.

This Wayne K Baalbek attacked our admin and creator of We are Anonymous Facebook page, by accusing him of being a member of Ghost Squad Hackers namely a S1ege and fooled many into believing this, only to then be told by many Anons including his own administrators, but instead of removing, correcting and apologizing, he continued to post his lies and false accusations.

All of these posts are in the Blogg link below for all to check.

Those who support Wayne K Baalbek and his evil agenda would have nothing to do with him especially after he exposed whom they were to others.

He added new editors and admins as a army of supporters with his agenda knowing that once his lies were being exposed and his page he owns would be mentioned, these puppets he added would help defend him and report our page We are Anonymous and our admin accounts.

These so called Anons are anything but Anons, as they have clearly shown they do not support truth and they do not discourage infighting and division, in fact, they have supported everything that Anonymous doesn't stand for by supporting this Wayne K Baalbek and his personal agenda.

One would expect true Anons would fight as one and turn their backs on someone who lies and spread false information for his own ego and agenda.

At no time was he able to show any credible evidence that supported his claims or accusations and further at no time was he able to give any valid reason for his attacks and harassment.

One really needs to ask the question if a so called Anon wishes to fight the elite and corrupt governments then why would one turn on those who are doing just that?

Given that this Wayne K Baalbek has been doing all he can to report Anonymous pages, groups and profiles one has to question just whose side he is really on.

We maybe silenced for a little while but we will not allow these fakes to use the name of Anonymous to profit or for their own personal gains.


We encourage all to read the information gathered below:

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