Still Report #1074 – Russia Obligated to Return Emails by Treaty

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This morning, Donald Trump asked Russia – or any other nation – who may have hacked Hillary Clinton’s illegal home server and acquired the 30,000 emails she destroyed in clear violation of the Federal Records Act – to please return them to the FBI for further investigation.
The Democrats – after having seen the LA Times/USC daily tracking poll – are going into panic mode. They twisted Trump’s words and got their mouthpieces in the MSM to do the same, claiming that Trump had really encouraged Russia to hack into Clinton’s server and get the emails. And then they claimed this constituted a treasonous act on the part of Trump.
Three small facts here. Fact #1: Hillary’s illegal servers no longer exist as working servers. They have been removed from Hillary’s basement and disassembled, the disks removed for deep forensic analysis in FBI Headquarters.
So Trump can’t encourage hacking something that does not exist!
Small Fact #2: What Trump really said in essence was; if you have the missing emails, please cough them up. He did not even courage hacking anyone, anywhere. This is yet another Clinton lie.
Small Fact #3: Russia is obligated by treaty to turn over the emails because whether or not they show any further wrongdoing – and you have to figure that they do – no matter what, they constitute 30,000 serious violations of the Federal Records Act of the United States.
Here is the synopsis cover page of this treaty existing on It is Treaty Document 106-22. Title: “Treaty with Russia on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters”, signed on June 17, 1999.
Here is the synopsis of the text:
“The Treaty provides for a broad range of cooperation in
criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty
includes obtaining the testimony or statements of persons;
providing documents, records and other items;
[etc., etc;] and any other form of legal assistance not
prohibited by the laws of the Requested Party.”

And guess who signed this treaty on Dec. 30, 1999?
William J. Clinton
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.