SOMETHING'S GOING ON! Martial Law Convoys Sent in BEFORE Philando Castil...

Martial law military convoys were secretly brought in to Dallas, Saint Paul, and Baton Rouge just months before the alleged shootings of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and the Dallas Police. Did Obama know before time, and were the alleged shootings meant to get the ball rolling on national martial law?

While Obama empathizes with blacks, he's poured billions into militarizing police departments across the U.S. Under Obama, local police have received the following: M-16 RIFLES, GRENADE LAUNCHERS, SILENCERS, DRONES, AND ARMORED VEHICLES. In fact, by 2014, Obama had provided the police with 435 armored vehicles, 44900 pieces of night vision equipment, 533 aircraft, 93763 MACHINE GUNS, 180718 high-capacity magazines, 432 MINE-RESISTANT AMBUSH PROTECTED ARMORED VEHICLES, and an unknown amount of drones. While Barack Obama tries to criticize police for their aggression, he has presided over the largest militarization of police in U.S. history.

Please do not believe what you see on television. Many are being conditioned by the media to accept and not question. If you question, you called "insensitive." Obama's empathy toward U.S. blacks runs counter to the measures he has taken behind the scenes. I ask people to stop believing what the media tells you. They have falsified entire events in the past, like Sandy Hook and Orlando Pulse shootings.

Music: "Escape" by Craig Armstrong

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