DNC Day 4 A Grand Finale Of Corruption On Parade

The final night of the DNC didn't disappoint. Well that is if you enjoy watching a political travesty in full swing more akin to a cult of veiled corruption than the remnants of the ragged Democratic Party. Honestly, one would have to assume the entire grand finale of the DNC was difficult for anyone with a shred of decency and a low IQ to witness.

Jettisoned from the lair of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA teleprompters doling out 40% more airtime to the DNC over the RNC. A Bernie delegate was stripped of his credentials for holding an "unauthorized sign" that read Stop TPP. James O'Keefe, disguised as a Hillary supporter was physically attacked by an angry mob cordoned off behind fences erected all around the convention center. While merchandisers struggled to get a return for anything Hillary related. Even the weather wasn't cooperating with the monumental farce, as flash flood warnings were in effect.

Back inside the DNC, Hillary's campaign manager labeled Hillary a tough sell. While white noise machines were brought in to drown out the inevitable booing that had plagued the entire event.

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