FAKE Cell Towers Spying on America

Fake cell phone towers built for spying on anyone around them have been discovered by users of the Cryptophone 500.

These fake quote interceptor cell phone towers appear exactly like any other cell phone tower. They act as partial cell phone towers that trick phones into communicating with them so as to serve their seemingly true purpose… which is to spy on any information, data, or communications that flow through them.

Additionally, the users connection to any of these mysterious cell phone towers also gives the towers the ability to invisibly install viruses on users phones as they remain completely oblivious to it. That phone then performs whatever task the entity that controls these mysterious cell phone towers wants it to. 

Their eerie behavior was discovered by a special type of phone built specifically for security known as the CryptoPhone 500. Every time some sort of malicious hack’s attempted upon it via cell phone telecommunications waves it records in a log, which allowed users to detect the mysterious cell phone towers.

Users of the special CryptoPhone 500 began sharing their discovery with one another, which led to more discoveries. In fact here’s a map which lays out the towers they discovered during the month of August

By law, in America, whenever anyone builds any type of telecommunications tower, it must be registered to the owner, which is usually a company such as T-Mobile or Verizon, however, Les Goldsmith says unlike any other telecommunications tower these towers don’t identify themselves as being registered to anyone.

Goldsmith stated quote “What we find suspicious is that a lot of these interceptors are right on top of the US military bases so we begin to wonder are some of them US government interceptors? Or are some of them Chinese interceptors? Whose interceptor is it. Who are they, that’s listening to calls around military bases? Is it just the US military, or are is it foreign governments doing it? The point is: we don’t really know whose they are.“ 

Goldsmith later stated on ESD America’s Facebook page that only a few of the towers were near US military bases and although many of these interceptors could likely be attached to a tower, there also mobile units that are known to be used by law enforcement such as the Notorious Stingray cell phone interceptor or something like this VME cell phone interceptor as you can see here. Equipment like this is regulated so that only government agencies can purchase them.

The cell phone interceptors in this story, however, attempted very aggressively collect much more personal information act and much more maliciously….even going as far as continuously attempting to install viruses on any phones connected – sometimes trying up to 90 times per hour . 

According to the map that was generated by users of these special secure cell phones, the cell phone interceptors tend to be positioned in areas that have a high population. According to Goldsmith, just a day or two ago one of these was detected near the South Pointe Casino in Las Vegas. Although he couldn’t verify it was actually on their property. Then again he may or may not have been attached to a tower.

Hacking into cell phones the way these towers allegedly do isn’t easy either. According to Mathew Rowley, a senior security consultant at Matasano Security, the hacks target something known as the baseband processor of the phone, which he explains as being extremely difficult to get into due to the way they work being a closely guarded trade secret.

And possessing information considered to be a trade secret… especially in the field of telecommunications ….is a very big deal.

Either America may silently be under attack, or some type of conspiracy is at hand. It just goes to show you that the idea of true privacy is only an illusion.