FEMA Director says: “U.S. West Coast is Toast” when 9.2 Mega Quake Hits

Why is FEMA Region X Director saying that all of the U.S. West Coast is "toast" when a 9.2 Earthquake and tsunami hits? This FEMA region has also actively been preparing for a megaquake to strike.

All facts in this video are contained in the story "The Big One," which was published in Reader's Digest December 2015-January 2016 issue. The detail of the article was incredible, considering all of it is speculation. This article has published the number of deaths, displacement, dollars in damage, etc., that will result from this earthquake. There is a peculiar amount of information about the West Coast Earthquake that is imminent, according to FEMA Region X Director, who was quoted claiming that the entire West Coast is "toast" when this happens.