Special Report: A Border War Is Inevitable

The American border is a ticking time bomb anticipating an economic collapse.

According to the latest federal data The U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended 3,138 more minors in 2015 attempting to enter the U.S. illegally than in 2014. 2014 saw almost 29,000 unaccompanied minors entering the U.S. and if the uptick continues, 2015 may break 30,000.

This rush of foreigners impacts our laws, economy, and political landscape. The burden on the American taxpayer is enormous. But if an American wants to enter Tijuana, Mexico from San Diego at the San Ysidro Crossing, they must now show a passport and pay $20 for a six month permit. U.S. pedestrians have always entered Mexico unhindered, until now. The new Mexican border security is intended to stop American criminals fleeing into Mexico. Meanwhile U.S. ICE agents released over 30,000 criminal illegals onto the streets of America in 2014 alone.

The augmentation to record level human trafficking is staggering. Breitbart reports that illegals in Mission, Texas kidnapped other illegal aliens and held them at a stash house where they would demand ransom from their families. Beating the illegals with baseball bats and keeping them in inhumane conditions.

But how do you stop a billion dollar industry with ties to the big banks funding our representatives?

Now, Pope Francis is promoting the full scale invasion of the United States. Claiming he would attempt the crossing of Mexico to the U.S. if he had time. What Pope Francis might uncover is, it’s easier than he thinks.