Anonymous - This is why Ron Paul deserves to be president

 Ron Paul is a truly good man who loves the nation and each and every one
of us. He is a brilliant man who knows the issues better than anyone in
the race. The power of Liberty and brotherly love can solve all
problems before us.

Ron Paul is a great man and this video shows
he has been fighting for the American people for decades and will be
there to end the tyranny of psychopathic criminals that have hijacked
our great nation. This video exposes the Truth of Ron Paul. We need this
man. He is the only hope we have and if he doesn't make it into the
White House there won't be anything left of the United States-- civil
war will be a certainty. The U.S. is hijacked by a bunch of mobsters who
don't give a damn about the nation and certainly don't care about the
American people.

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