The Sagan Word

A message to our subscribers, followers and the humans of Earth:

Carl Sagan, this man:, was a humbling individual that wanted nothing more than the unification of humans. For us to traverse the Cosmos with ease, and without harm. Words cannot describe how we feel about him. He was a human that was full of humility. A human that followed the traits of what a human being can accomplish. Interaction. Exploring. Building. Curiosity. Ambition. Humility. We wanted this to be our last video because.. well.. there is something more than just us. There is something more than just this world. Indeed it is our home. But somewhere out there.. something wonderful is waiting eagerly to be known. Imagination is a powerful tool to which we can explore anything at any given time. 

"Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people." - Carl Sagan

Dr. Sagan loved our world very, very much. We ask you to do the same. Pick up garbage and place it where it belongs: The trash can. Talk to individuals that come about your daily life and interact with them in a positive manner. There is no time to rely on beautiful stories of what the "heavens" will bring us in the afterlife Dr. Sagan said. He was not an Atheist, nor was he Agnostic. He was a Human first and foremost. Period. Because we, right now, are here.. on this Earth. We must preserve and cherish this Pale Blue Dot. And accomplish amazing things before our time runs out. For this tiny blue marble, is the only home, we have ever known.

This is just a small description of what your mind awaits to what Dr. Sagan, the Cosmos etc really is. So get out there. Use the web to your advantage. Explore and build. Think and read. Because.. well.. we are bright individuals. 


"We are made of star stuff" - Carl Sagan.

Watch this last video:

Now, read this little comic slowly, and with ease: (translations of it are included in the tabs of this website as-well)

We know its 1 hour. But, take the time and see the first episode of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, by Dr. Sagan:

Now, read this tale again: whilst playing this tune:

Don't hold the tears.

The 1st step of Humanity was the Moon. 
The 2nd step is Mars.
The 3rd step.. well.. Here it is:

Rise brothers & sisters:

Final Reminder:

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