Cops Keep LOSING Assault Rifles And Humvees

"One thing worse than a police department misusing a military Humvee is a joyrider misusing a military Humvee he stole from the cops. Police in Palestine, Arkansas, a small town of 700, found that out the hard way when a resident stole the vehicle, went for a spin and crashed into a tree. Now the force uses it as spare parts for its other Humvee. 

Palestine Police Chief Stanley Barnes told Yahoo News “it never crossed my mind” that someone might try to steal the vehicle, which is maybe why it took the force a week to realize the Humvee was missing (stolen Humvees should be reported to the Pentagon within 24 hours). This has been a particularly good year for Humvee thieves — in July, Missouri officials apprehended a man they believed stole the vehicle from the St. Francois County police to rob convenience stores. 

Yahoo found that at least four police departments have had their Pentagon issued Humvees stolen in the last five years. And a recent Fusion report found that 184 state and local police departments across the country have been suspended from the Pentagon's 1033 program for losing equipment, mostly assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and Humvees. "

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