A Letter to the New World Order: Dear Janet Yellen

Welcome back to Truthstream's "Letters to the New World Order." Letter #4 goes out to the Federal Reserve's esteemed Janet Yellen. 

One time Aaron had a dream that Janet Yellen held a gathering in Wyoming where she mostly ran around in a cape screeching, "Take your army to the haunted forest and bring me that girl and her dog!!! Also, everyone knows America is an oligarchy and the Fed won't be bursting any bubbles we are all fully aware are threatening to bring down the entire world's economy, but central banks exist to protect central banks which are too big to let fail so FLY FLYYYYYYYYYYY..." Then the evil monkeys took flight to continue propping up the numerous dead bodies while drowning the world in usury.

Did I say dream? It was more like a nightmare. On nightmare juice.

Four down, only 8,739 left to go.


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