They Tracked the MH17 Missile from Space but Just Can't Seem to Find a W...

While the U.S. is "laying out its case" (derisive air quotes) against Russia, claiming that even though there is no hard evidence it's still Russia's fault for "creating the conditions" (more derisive air quotes) that led to Malaysian flight MH17 getting shot down, back in this media-manipulated reality the rest of us plebs are living in, we're all supposed to readily believe the U.S. tracked the MH17 SA-11 Buk missile from the moment it was launched using our space-based surveillance system...and yet...

NO ONE ANYWHERE HAS ANY IDEA where MH370, a whole entire 300-ton Boeing 777, went that's still missing from March. 

Apparently that just dropped magically off the face of the planet without a trace, right?

Well...they might know a little something, but the NSA is refusing FOIA requests on MH370 on the basis of national security, so...

If this whole thing doesn't just reek of the kind of magical fairy tale that could get the whole world embroiled in a third world war...we're not sure what does.


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