This Republic Was Pathetically Undermined By Celebratory Dancing

Conservative Iranians believes dancing and singing is considered a promotion of "Western decadence" and thus undermines the Islamic Republic. Based on this, three young men and women were arrested after dancing and singing in support of their World Cup football team. If something so innocent can undermine an entire republic, that republic may want to reconsider some changes. Or perhaps, don't enter the World Cup if you don't want your citizens celebrating the World Cup? Cenk Uygur ( and Ana Kasparian ( break it down on The Young Turks.

"Iranian police have arrested three people who appeared in an online video of young men and women singing and dancing in support of the country's World Cup football team, the official IRNA news agency reported Monday.

Provincial police chief Col. Rahmatollah Taheri was quoted as saying the video clip, produced by the London-based Ajam Band, features scenes from outside and inside Iran, including the city of Shahroud, where two 23-year-olds appearing in the film and a 26-year-old photographer were arrested." *Read more here from