Anonymous: Turkish Victims (PR)

2 months ago:

NOTE: The original YT channel (that contained Turkish leaks) was banned from Turkey then censored from YouTube. Another copy that contains worthy leaks is located here: 

Leaked Doc (PM Erdogan & Relatives):

Today is Gezi anniversary (#Taksim & #Gezi) 


Citizens of both Turkey and from around the world, we are anonymous. 

2 months ago, we released a video detailing the Turkish government's actions, which have placed a ban within YouTube, and Twitter. 

Very recently, the Turkish court, in Ankara, lifted the ban to uncensor Twitter, as well as YouTube in the following weeks. 

A YouTube channel was created in the aftermath of such events to expose Erdogan and his false campaign of lies and deceit. You can find the link that will direct you to this particular YouTube channel in the description of this video. 

Yet such leaks have not slowed down Erdogan. He and his corrupt party have brutalized the people of all Turkey. 

Berkin Elvan, a young man that ONLY wanted to buy bread for his family, was shot by a tear gas canister, then fell upon a coma for over a year, until death came upon him.

And recently, the biggest industrialization fall has occured within Soma. In where over 300 miners were either killed, and buried by such horrific event. 

The Turkish government has broken every person's soul from all ages. From the young ones, to the elderly.

What did the Turkish government do in return to help the Gezi victims, Berkin Elvan, the countless miners, and many that were brutalized by his fascist force and his dark regime? 


We are anonymous. And no one harms the people of Turkey on our watch. 

especially since the Gezi anniversary is raging itself as we speak.

Approximately 24 hours ago, we and our allies, breached, and leaked the Turkish identification numbers of the prime minister Erdogan, as well as his families and relatives. You can click on the leaked document in the description of this video.

In the meantime, we will be updating the description for any leaks that happen to fall upon our hands.

We are anonymous. 
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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