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Networks research tool:

ATTN Turkish youtube user's DNS's and may help your censorship issue.

DNS login for YouTube: 

(Note: If DNS logins do NOT function properly the Turkish govt has already hijacked them.)

HTTPS mirrors for TOR (4-2): // // // // // //


Google browser:
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TOR browser bundle in Turkish format:
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To the fascist government of Turkey. We are anonymous.

Recently, during the past weeks, we have witnessed your deteriorating issues concerning communications, free speech, and the freedom of the press.

With the recent ban you have placed on Twitter. You have proved to the citizens of all nations that you, Erdogan, do not care about your people, nor do you care about their voices and opinions. Your only care is your authority, dominance, and your odious ways to further suppress the Turkish people from shouting their cries of freedom.

Even, if it means waging war against your own people.

Yet. The citizens of Turkey have found many holes to bypass the ban you and your power hungry affiliates have placed on not just Twitter, but other sites that were also banned by your corrupted party.

The Internet is our home Erdogan, and no one violates its system, especially men like you.

Now, with the recent ban you have now placed on YouTube. This, is a call of urgent attention and action.

Anonymous has built upon a package for the citizens of Turkey to bypass the Twitter and YouTube ban, which is located in the description of this video.

Erdogan is officially planning to ban Facebook in the future.

We advise all cyber activists to ready themselves to counter such measure of oppression and censorship.

In the coming weeks. We will release audio leaks that have exposed Erdogan as a corrupted official in power. Including a file that Erdogan has kept. A classified file, that upon declaration, announces a false flag operation within Syria. Causing an eruption of a false war.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Prime Minister Erdogan, expect us.