The Diversity Of Cancer: A Sobering Map That Shows What Forms Strike Where

The dreaded C-word: cancer. Most of us in more privileged countries have been affected by it in one way or another. But it hasn’t always been a big thing in other parts of the world — until now, really. As developing countries begin to modernize, they're getting hit hard with different forms of cancer. These are the most widespread.

The most common cancers affecting women:

The most common cancers affecting men:

The World Health Organization predicts that global cancer rates will rise drastically over the next two decades. 2012 saw 14 million new cancer cases. By 2032? They expect 22 million. Oof. Something must be done.

These maps come from the WHO, and I came across them in this NPR piece by Jason Beaubien. It's a pretty big bummer, you know? But there is encouraging news and a lot of important research taking place out there. And we've already learned crucial lessons about early screening and prevention, and those can only help to stem the expansion of the disease worldwide. My personal opinion? We gotta think about our diet and the chemicals we're exposed to.