When ‘They’ Say Cutting Taxes On The Rich Means Job Creation, They’re Lying. Just Ask This Rich Guy.

I Wonder If Anyone That Rich Thinks, 'Yeah, I Need All This Money. All. Of. It.'

'I Just Wanted To Die' And 'Maybe I Deserved This' Are Words A Child Should Never Have To Say

Something Absolutely Terrible Just Happened To The Internet. Here's Why.

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The Massive Corporate Power Grab You're Not Supposed To Know About

Why Is Relatively Normal Child-Like Behavior Being Treated As An Illness? Gue$$.

An App That Talks Back, But Not In That Mildly Entertaining Way Siri Does

This Is A Film I Want To See. Because Stigmas Are Deadly And Stories Need to Be Told.

11 Things To Keep In Mind Before Dating A Black Woman. The Last One Is Definitely No Joke.

With Songs That Matter Like This, I Know Why This Country Singer Has A Grammy

The Truth About The Warm Weather We've Actually Been Feeling This Winter

Here Are Some Secrets About An Industry That Nobody Wants To Talk About

Huge Company Looks At Big Fine And Just Laughs And Laughs And Laughs

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NSA pursues quantum technology

MSNBC Pathetically Apologizes For Tweeting Truth About Right Wing Racists

Infowars Nightly News for Thursday, January 30, 2014 (Full Show)

Highlights of the Night Sky - February 2014 | Astronomy Space Science Video

Rich Asshole Tries To Apologize And Makes Things Much Worse

Reporter Asks The Wrong Question, Politician Threatens To Throw Reporter Off A Balcony. Yes, Really.

WARNING: This Type Of Dancing Can Lead To Severe Empowerment And A Strong Connection With Others

That One Time A Company Ignored The Racist Haters And Proceeded With Another 'Shocking' Commercial

How Some Tweets Sparked A Movement That Launched An App That Might Just End Sexism In Advertising

It's Time To Stop Saying 'Like A Boss.' Swedes Are Way Cooler.

Your Daughter May Be Rebellious, But At Least She's Not Leaving Dead Villagers All Over The House

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DCS of the state of INDIANA denies FAMILY custody of child.: RETURN THE CHILD TO HIS BLOODFAMILY

30,000 People Die Each Year Getting Something They Don't Need. It's Time We Address The Problem.

At First You'll Be Confused By The Story In The Beginning, But Then It Hits You Like A Ton Of Bricks

Come For The Adorable Orangutans. Stay Because There Is Something You Should Know About Them.

A Company Does Something Really Puzzling On A Beach, And I Think They Made Their Point

Super Bowl Season Has A Dirty Little Secret, And This Congressman Just Exposed It

A Before And After That Has Me In Disbelief: This Is Drinking Water?

A Hunger Crisis In America Is Happening, And It’s Time We Spoke Up About It

1/3 Of Women With Speaking Roles In Movies Are More Likely To Be … Naked?

A Celebrity Gossip Idea So Brilliant I Wish It Wasn't A Parody

Hear How Lupita Nyong'o Only Considered Herself Black When She Came To America

We Don’t Usually Make Fun Of Terrorism, But When We Do, We Make A Damn Good Point About Freedom

1 Minute Of Some Numbers About Income That Feel Colder Than Any Polar Vortex

A Mom Begged The Judge To Let The Sentence Fit The Crime. He Ignored Her And Gave Her Son Life.

A Whole New Way To Think About Stress That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

Disney Introduces A Gay Couple On A Kids' Show, Confusing Children Everywhere. Wait, No...

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