Terrifying Border Crossing For Fun & Amusement

.an amusement park in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo has been successfully frightening park visitors -- at about $20 a pop -- with a three to four hour "Night Walk" that simulates an illegal border crossing from Mexico into the United States.

During the experience, visitors at Parque EcoAlberto, located about 800 miles from the actual Mexico-U.S. border, are led by fake smugglers on a seven mile hike that includes climbing over fences and trying to steer clear of barking dogs, flashlight beams and other obstructions in an effort to elude fake border patrol officers."*

Who should REALLY be forced to experience a terrifying night walk? Is this an effective way to discourage Mexicans from leaving the country? Ana Kasparian and Gina Grad break it down on The Young Turks

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/travel/fake-il...

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