Secret files on Michael Jackson go public, confirming disturbing history of sexual abuse of two dozen children

(NaturalNews) The public has long suspected that Michael Jackson might be a pedophile. After all, he was involved in so many lawsuits from the families of children who said they were sexually abused that it begins to make almost anyone wonder what exactly went on at the Jackson "Neverland" ranch. But now these once-secret files have been released by The Mirror which has published astonishing details that will leave many Jackson fans in total shock.

According to the Mirror, Michael Jackson ritually abused at least two dozen young boys for a period spanning 15 years. The source of these documents is none other than the FBI.

As the Mirror reports, "Agents have thousands of pages of evidence dating back to 1989 indicating Jacko groomed and molested children -- sometimes right under the noses of their starstruck parents. The FBI files include private investigators' reports, phone transcripts and hours of audio tapes. They describe how the Thriller hit-maker was once caught by a member of his household staff groping a world-famous child star, watching porn films while molesting another boy and fondling the genitals of a third in his private cinema."

According to the Mirror, a former "child pal" of Jackson's named Wade Robson is now suing the Jackson estate, claiming he was routinely sexually molested by Michael Jackson in the 1990's. Robson is now 30 but claims he was abused by Jackson from ages 7 to 14.

Robson is just "one of many child victims who were invited to fulfill Jackson's sick fantasies at his isolated playground in the Californian countryside," says the Mirror.

Spent nearly $50 million to buy the silence of those he abused

According to these documents, Jackson spent nearly $50 million buying off victims with hush money. The settlement agreements required victims of Jackson's sexual abuse to "refrain from any and all contact with media and communications, newspapers, television, radio, film and books."

The partially-redacted documents can be viewed right now at:

What seems evident from all this is that Michael Jackson was one of the few people who had the cash flow to fund the kind of private investigations and hush money campaigns that allowed him to continue sexually molesting young boys for years on end.

Never say never in Neverland!

Analysis: U.S. government institutionalizes pedophilia

The bigger picture here is much larger than just Michael Jackson, of course. It's important to note that over the last few years, the U.S. government has institutionalized pedophilia with the sexual molestation of young boys and girls by TSA agents running airport security pat downs.

The TSA has even been caught going out of its way to hire criminal-minded agents who engage in activities like distributing child porn.

Numerous TSA agents have been arrested on child pornography charges. See also this source for more.

And it's not usual to find TSA screeners -- the very people who touch little boys and girls at airport security checkpoints -- distributing child porn images.

What's especially alarming about all this is that the government defends pedophilia by the TSA, claiming that when the government sexually molests little children, it's perfectly okay. But if a private citizen did the same thing, they would be arrested and charged with felony crimes -- or forced to pay out huge sums in hush money like Michael Jackson apparently did.

Security theater is a cover story for pass pedophilia by the government

So to those who might condemn Michael Jackson for his actions, there is a far bigger pedophilia problem under way in America today: the U.S. government actually trains grown men and women to fondle little boys and girls at the airport while calling it "security" as if a five-year-old boy is some sort of terrorist.

It's all part of the "security theater" being played out to a delusional population that still has no idea the terrorists are actually run by the same globalists who control the highest levels of government. All so-called "terror" attacks are actually planned events -- false flags designed to put the population in a state of fear so that the government can vastly expand the police state while destroying citizens' rights.

Even the recent Boston Marathon bombing, for example, was meticulously planned by the Department of Homeland Security, well in advance of the bombing. This is all publicly admitted and has been published by the Boston Globe.

As the Boston Globe writes:

The scenario had been carefully planned: A terrorist group prepared to hurt vast numbers of people around Boston would leave backpacks filled with explosives at Faneuil Hall, the Seaport District, and in other towns, spreading waves of panic and fear. Detectives would have to catch the culprits.

Months of painstaking planning had gone into the exercise, dubbed "Operation Urban Shield," meant to train dozens of detectives in the Greater Boston area to work together to thwart a terrorist threat. The hypothetical terrorist group was even given a name: Free America Citizens, a home-grown cadre of militiamen whose logo would be a metal skull wearing an Uncle Sam hat and a furious expression, according to a copy of the plans obtained by the Boston Globe.

But two months before the training exercise was to take place, the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion.

Of course it was! DHS planned the whole thing and ran the op, making sure the bombing killed as many Americans as possible.

Similarly, the New York Times admits that virtually all "domestic terror plots" are dreamed up, planned and executed by the FBI itself:

In fact, the FBI is deeply involved in running a "web of phony terror plots" involving paid patsies who get baited into taking the fall:

So don't think all this TSA / DHS security is "keeping you safe." These are the same people running the bombings, over and over again!

And then they use the bombings as an excuse to hire and train an army of airport pedophiles. Why? Because we are living in the final days of a sick culture that not just tolerates but even teaches pedophilia.

We are witnessing the moral downfall of America and the rise of a society of pervs, many of whom are on government payrolls. This is where your tax dollars going: to groups that run false flag bombing events while hiring armies of private sector rejects to grope your children's genitals.

If he were still alive, Michael Jackson would be amazed at just how far it's gone.

Never say never in Neverland.

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