Who Will Benefit From CISPA? (Hint: Not Us)

CISPA passed resoundingly in Congress, 288 to 127. It remains yet to be seen what the Senate or President Obama will do, though hopefully a presidential veto will be the last line of defense to our privacy. Let's think a bit here: is there a difference between national security and cyber security? Who decides? And who profits off your privacy?

Private companies for sure, but also cyber defense contractors. Rep. Mike Rogers has pushed and pushed for CISPA, often making offensive stereotypes against the people who oppose the bill that would compromise their personal privacy. But why? Well, ask Kristi Clemens Rogers, his wife, and former head of Aegis LLC: a cyber security contract company that scored a $10 billion contract with the State Department. Somehow. Magically.

Kristi Clemens Rogers is now working in an executive position with a lobbying firm focused on defense and security.


This is an obvious breach of ethics. The wife of the lawmaker pushing hardest for the bill already scored an enormous amount of money for her former company, and will now be in a position that will benefit immensely if CISPA passes. So when you ask a question like how why CISPA, a bill that violates personal privacy severely, could even be passed, you have your answer. Greed - in it's purest and simplest form. 

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