This image has gone VIRAL ever since the 'cowboy' identified the victim in the wheel chair as 'Nick Vogt'! Evidence:

Cowboy Hat Wearing Hero In Boston Marathon
Update: the man was later identified as Jeffrey Bauman Jr not Nick Vogt as previously reported.
Moments after two bombs went off during the Boston Marathon where 175 people were injured and 3 have been killed a cowboy-hat-wearing hero by the name of Carlos Arredondo emerged.
Carlos Arredondo who is from Costa Rica was standing near the finish line when the explosions occurred and instead of running away – he ran to the deadly scene where he found a young man bleeding to death who was later identified as First Lt. Nick Vogt who served in the Stryker Brigade, 25th Infantry Division in Afghanistan in 2010 where he lost both of his legs during battle.
The 53-year-old rescuer asked a person for their sweater, tore it up and tied it around the badly wounded leg, kept talking him to keep him alert and grabbed a wheelchair in order to escort him to the nearest ambulance.
Arredondo who was later seen with a bloody American flag spoke to the media where he confessed that his instincts were to help those in need:
“That’s the first reaction.We have to go help somebody!.He had no legs.I told him.My name’s Carlos, you’re going to be OK, help is on the way.’”
Carlos Arredondo who was representing a group called “Run for the Fallen,” was at the event in honor of his late sons U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Alexander Arredondo who died in 2004 during his second tour of duty in Iraq and Brian, 24, who committed suicide on Christmas eve in 2011 just as soldiers who served with his brother were returning home.

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