Quick and Simple Life Hacks 8

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This is quick and simple life hacks, where we solve your everyday problems with a little MacGyver inspired ingenuity.

Want your ice cream to last longer without getting ruined? Wrap the box in tin foil and it will keep out of the frost and preserve your delicious treat.

Accidentally close a tab in Firefox or Chrome? Hit CTRL SHIFT T and it will pop back up. This is a true life saver.

Ice tray leaking a bit? Stay cool. Grab an empty egg carton and fill it up for an eggcellent replacement. 

Having trouble cracking open that glass jar? Go under your sink and grab a rubber cleaning glove. The extra grip will have you enjoying those pickles in no time.

Need to QUICKLY get rid of cooking odor like fish, grease or burned oil? Boil up a pot of water and sprinkle in some cinnamon from your spice rack. Any odor there was will be destroyed in seconds.

Need to light a candle but the lighter won't reach? Grab a dried stick of spaghetti and light it instead. It will burn nice and slow and let you get to those hard to reach places.

And as always, please share your favorite life hacks in the comments section. We'll use the best suggestions in a later episode. See you next time.

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