Pollution Could Shrink Penises, According to Otters

Otter dicks are shrinking thanks to pollution, and you should definitely freak out, because the trend might affect humans, too.

A new study from the Cardiff University Otter Project and the Chemicals, Health, and Environmental Monitoring Trust (CHEM) found that otter penis bones are getting smaller. What researchers haven't yet determined is if endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are to blame. Otters have different reproductive physiognomy, but EDCs can also lead to human babies with undescended testicles, sex organ deformities and low sperm count."*

Otter penises are shown to be shrinking, possibly due to pollution from modern chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals could affect human men as well; is this enough to get people to pay attention to the effects of pollution? Steve Oh (COO of The Young Turks), Jayar Jackson, and Kim Horcher (TYT Network's Nerd Alert) discuss. 

*Read more from Leslie Horn/ Gizmodo:

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