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Applewhite is president of Seattle-based Applewhite Aero, a company “founded to provide unmanned systems and training to government and industry.”
When asked if restrictions should be placed on the use of drones until the direction of where the technology is going becomes clearer, Applewhite responded, “My opinion is that the way that we’re currently using drones in warfare, we’re moving away from indiscriminate killing to discriminate killing,” prompting gasps from the audience.
Applewhite said the decision about “who gets zapped on the other side of the planet” was a “legitimate concern,” but advocated that unmanned drones be used to hunt down murder suspects domestically, as some suggested during the recent Christopher Dorner manhunt.
The lobbyist argued that the necessity to “document” the use of drones was discouraging law enforcement officials from deploying them, and that every police officer, “has lethal force on their hip – we’re saying we give them the judgment to be able to pull this thing out and use it up to and including lethal force.”

Christopher Dorner standoff situation and examines the media's sickening portrayal of the spectacle as "exciting" and "like 'Django Unchained' in real life". He'll also analyze the slow-motion implosion of the U.S. economy, even while some - like ex-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan - try to downplay the severity of so-called "sequestration" spending cuts. Alex also further expounds on the media's attempt to spin Infowars' DHS ammo-buy story and the renewed efforts on all fronts to mobilize against the Second Amendment. 

Three days after a mountain cabin in Seven Oaks, California, has been burned down, the coroner's office has positively identified the body inside as that of Ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. Mystery might have been solved, but many other questions remain about this case. Was the cabin fire an accident? How did everything really play out? What took the authorities so long to contact the fire department? Another important question is exactly how much money and police resources were spent on finding this man, and that is a question authorities have refused to answer. What's known is that some 20 law enforcement agencies were involved that used helicopters, SWAT teams and infrared cameras. Journalist Max Blumenthal joins us to talk more on this massive effort to find one man.

Here’s a valuable self-test to find out whether you’ve been hypnotized (and controlled) by the mainstream media and its engineered false reality. After you take this test, watch the stage hypnosis videos I’ve selected for you, below, and you’ll be astonished to learn just how hypnotized most people really are.
Test Question #1) Were the fires that burned up Christopher Dorner set by the LAPD?
Minutes before fires broke out in the cabin where homicide suspect Chris Dorner was holed up, the LAPD ordered all media helicopters and video journalists to clear the area. The following conversation was then heard on police radios:
“We’re gonna go forward with the plan with the burner.”
“Like we talked about.”
“Burners deployed, and we have a fire.”
Repeated by dispatcher: “Burners deployed, and we have a fire.”
“(unintelligible)…mission success.”
“We have fire in the front. He might come out the back.”
“Looks like it’s starting to collapse.”
“We’re gonna start bringing fire in, about 200 yards out.”
“Break 61 Lincon, 61 Charlie, you ready for fire?”
All this starts around the 1:00 mark in the following video:
Fire then breaks out, burning down the cabin along with Christopher Dorner, the homicide suspect.
The San Bernadino sheriff’s department, which had authority on the scene, then declared that nobody set the fires and they have no idea how the fires happened. Those fires were spontaneous fires, they claim, which erupted on their own.
So here’s the hypnosis test question: Do you believe the claim that law enforcement did not set the fires?
If so, you are hypnotized by the media into a state of extreme gullibility. Please keep score and continue…
Test Question #2: Why is the U.S. government buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo?
When Natural News and InfoWars first reported that the U.S. government was buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition to use domestically — that’s enough to wage at least a 7-year full-scale war with the American people — we were first called “conspiracy theorists” and it was widely claimed that our allegations were false.
But now, since the media has been unable to suppress the truth about these huge ammo purchases by the U.S. government, the script it being flipped: Now we’re told these purchases are all about saving taxpayers money by “buying in bulk.”
Yep, the government’s purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammo is all about saving YOU money! Well gee, how nice of them! But don’t forget that this is enough ammunition to shoot every person in America five times. If this is “bulk purchasing,” it’s the equivalent of you and I driving to Costco and buying 50,000 pounds of peanut butter and having it loaded onto railroad cars with the claim that we’re “saving money on peanut butter!”
It’s no longer a conspiracy theory that the government is buying all these bullets; it’s now explained by the media as a “benefit” to the taxpayers.
Question: Do you believe these ammo purchases are being done solely to SAVE taxpayers money?
If so, you’ve been hypnotized yet again by the mainstream media into a state of total stupidity. By this logic, they could buy human incineration ovens in bulk and claim they’re saving taxpayers money by purchasing in bulk.
What’s clear is that the U.S. government is engaged in an arms race, stockpiling and hoarding masses of ammunition to prepare for war with the American people.
Test Question #3: Can guns be defensive weapons?
An anti-gun California police boss named Ken James just told reporters, on camera, that “A gun is not a defensive weapon.” He goes on to explain, in his own twisted logic: “A gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and show power. Police officers don’t carry a gun as a defensive weapon to defend themselves or their other officers.”
In other words, he’s claiming that cops carry guns to intimidate and show power, not to protect themselves defensively. He further implies, ridiculously, that guns are in no way a deterrent against violence — that a violent assailant is just as likely to attack an unarmed person as an armed person wielding a gun in self defense.
Ken James, of course, just broadcast to the entire world that he has an IQ no higher than room temperature… on the Celsius scale! But the media plays it off as if his arguments somehow make sense: that ALL guns are offensive weapons and have no role in self defense.
So here’s the question: Do you agree with Ken James that guns have no role as a defensive weapon, even for cops? That guns are only offensive weapons used to intimidate and show power?
If so, you’ve been hypnotized by the media once again into believing something that’s off-the-wall stupid.
Final question: Building 7
Now here’s the really big question on media hypnosis. Nearly everyone in the mainstream has been hypnotized into thinking that on 9/11/2001, building 7 of the World Trade Center was brought down after being hit by an airplane.
Except building 7 wasn’t hit by any airplane at all. Only two buildings were hit by airplanes — the twin towers. Building 7 was hit by nothing except some falling debris.
According to official reports — which of course require you suspend all belief in the laws of physics — building 7′s internal support structures all snapped at precisely to same moment due to a couple of office fires burning inside the building, causing it to miraculously collapse demolition-style into its own footprint.
Although such a feat normally requires months of planning, engineering calculations and the careful placement of demolition charges on building support structures, we are told that none of this was needed in the case of building 7; that office fires melted concrete-and-steel structural columns simultaneously throughout the building. Never before in the recorded history of architecture has a fire ever brought down a concrete-and-steel building, but we’re supposed to believe it somehow happened with building 7 in a perfect pattern of symmetrical collapse.
So here’s the question: Do you believe the official story on building 7? If so, you’ve been wildly hypnotized by the media into believing an obvious fiction that wholly violates the laws of physics and materials science. Concrete doesn’t burn, for starters, and getting a building like that to fall into its own footprint requires all the concrete and steel support columns to be severed almost simultaneously.
And yet, amazingly, most Americans believe whatever the media tells them. They are easily hypnotized into imagining they are seeing things that really aren’t there. It’s no different than a person under the influence of a stage hypnosis expert running around thinking they have a glass of water in their hands because they were told to believe so.
You are living in a hypnotized nation
Hypnosis is the process of reshaping the mind’s interpretation of sensory data. Through hypnosis, a person could be holding a red toy fire truck in their hands but told the fire truck is actually green. When asked what color the fire truck is, they will answer, “Green!”
The success of hypnosis relies on the suggestibility hard-wired into a person’s brain. Some people are far more suggestible than others. Those of us who are leaders in “alternative news” tend to be the least suggestible of all, while those who produce and consume mainstream media news are the most suggestible (and therefore gullible).
Successful hypnosis on a national scale requires a masterful hypnotist. That’s Obama, one of the most brilliant hypnotists ever observed in the history of politics. Obama’s skill is so good that he can tell you he’s doing the exact opposite of what he’s actually doing, and most people listening will believe every word he says. Obama is creating jobs. Obama is protecting your rights. And the fire truck is green.
If you are immune to hypnosis, then you share my frustrating in living in a nation of hypnotized people. I want to shout to people, “The fire truck is RED!” but of course this makes no sense to them, as they’ve been hypnotized into thinking it’s green.
The hypnotized masses will viciously defend their false beliefs
People who are hypnotized will persistently defend their hypnosis as if it were real. “It’s not RED!” they will shout, “The fire truck is GREEN, see?” And they’ll show it to you. It’s red, of course, but they think they’re showing you a green fire truck and they can’t understand why you don’t see it, too.
You find precisely this kind of thing on issues like gun control. The claim that “Guns kill people” is the logical equivalent of saying the fire truck is green. The claim of the California cop that “Guns are not defensive weapons” is like saying the fire truck has no wheels. The claim that building 7 collapsed due to office fires is like saying the fire truck is actually a really quiet puppy dog.
Importantly, a person who is sufficiently suggestible can be programmed to believe that a toy fire truck really is a puppy dog. They will pet it, talk to it, feed it and even take it for walks, believing it is a puppy dog. If you’ve never seen this kind of thing before, you need to see more examples of stage hypnosis.
I’ve assembled a few examples of stage hypnosis videos below. As you watch these, remember that these are NOT actors. They literally believe in the artificial realities that have been constructed for them by the hypnotist.
This first video is especially fascinating because, much like in the world today, the person who is hypnotized believes that hypnosis is FAKE and doesn’t work on him. He holds this belief even while he is deeply hypnotized himself!
Watch from roughly 1:32 in the following video:
This next video shows an “R-rated stage hypnosis” where the hypnotist radically alters the perceptions of love and sexual attraction of the hypnosis subjects. (Warning, highly offensive language but it’s important for you to understand how radically hypnosis can alter beliefs and behavior.)
As an example of just how deeply hypnosis can alter people’s realities, take a look at this video (if you dare) of “X-rated hypnosis” where stage participants engage in mock deviant sex acts in front of a live audience simply because they are “programmed” to do so by the hypnotist. (For the record, I do not condone this application of hypnosis. I show this here as a shocking demonstration of the power of hypnosis to alter people’s realities.)
Hypnotizing the nation is easier than you think
Now understand this: If people can be hypnotized into doing all the things you see in the above videos, imagine how easy it is to hypnotize them into believing things like Obama is their savior, or guns are bad, or the economy is good, or even that government is your “daddy.”
In truth, every Obama speech is a hypnosis ritual, and every broadcast on CNN is a hypnotic induction.
From a linguistic perspective, Obama’s speeches are deeply engineered with things called “language patterns” that take advantage of cognitive shortcuts to literally embed ideas into your head while bypassing your critical thinking skills. I could explain to you how this works and give you examples, but you probably wouldn’t believe they’re so simple because you don’t believe you are “suggestible” to linguistic influence. Dissect any Obama speech and you’ll discover a plethora of hypnotic speech patterns, language patterns, reframes, logic binds, social agreement and other techniques used by hypnotists.
If you really think about it, the real info war taking place today is a “war of hypnosis.” The government, the media and the corporations want to hypnotize everybody into believing falsehoods are true: Vaccines prevent disease, vitamins are dangerous, America is a free country, the police state keeps you safe, and so on. The Bush administration pulled off a real whopper of nationwide stage hypnosis by getting everyone to believe in a complete falsehood: the so-called “war on terror.” It was a complete fabrication. People who believed the USA was under assault by terrorists could also be hypnotized into believing little green fairies lived under their mattresses.
My goal is to de-hypnotize you. People like myself and Alex Jones are de-hypnosis experts who use our skills and influence to “awaken” people and allow them to see reality, often for the first time. This is shocking to a lot of people. If you’ve been hypnotized into believing your toy fire truck is a puppy dog, then you might not be too happy to awaken and realize what a fool you’ve been all along. That’s one reason why there’s so much cognitive resistance to de-hypnosis: It requires the mind to admit it was wrong.
Beyond de-hypnosis, we also attempt to get people to awaken to an even higher level of spiritual awareness and question reality itself. This is called moving up through “meta-levels” of reality.
Because, ultimately, the toy fire truck isn’t even a physical object at all. It’s a vibrating probability wave that appears to be real in this simulated reality we call a universe.
But that’s another article altogether.

After a week-long manhunt, Christopher Dorner died in a fire when police threw pyrotechnic tear gas canisters into the cabin he was holed up in. They admit to doing that but deny setting fire to the cabin on purpose, even though audio from the live footage says otherwise.
In other news, it may be that the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State was the reason for which Joseph Ratzinger resigned from the papacy. Despite his resignation, the charges and the lien that has been put on the Vatican will remain.

Audio of cops yelling to burn the cabin down:
Just like the suspected 9/11 terrorist’sexplosion-proof passport that was found magically intact amid the ground zero rubble, the mainstream media is now reporting that suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner’s wallet and identification card were found beside charred remains in the burned out Big Bear cabin where police cornered him yesterday.
Citing the Associated Press, USA Today reports:
“A wallet with a California driver’s license bearing the name Christopher Dorner also was found, the Associated Press reported, citing a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation but declined to be named because of the ongoing probe.”
The Guardian actually began an article titled “Christopher Dorner’s wallet found inside burned cabin, reports say” with:
“Investigators have reportedly found Christopher Dorner’s wallet beside charred human remains at the forest cabin where he made a last stand, giving California police some peace of mind as they prepared to bury their dead.”
The Washington Times notes a wallet and other personal items were found in the cabin which burned down after an intense, hours-long fire:
“One official with knowledge of the police investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity said investigators found a California driver’s license with the name Christopher Dorner on it, along with a wallet and various personal items, inside the cabin, according to The Associated Press.”
Questions regarding what type of flame-retardant material Dorner’s wallet must have been made of to withstand a fire that charred at least one person and consumed a whole cabin will be set aside for now for another blaring question:
How many wallets with ID cards in them did Dorner own exactly?
Multiple mainstream outlets have previously reported that Dorner’s wallet and identification had already been found near the U.S.-Mexico border.
On February 11, the LA Times reported:
“After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner’s wallet and identification cards ‘at the San Ysidro Point of Entry’ near the U.S.-Mexico border.”
Fox News parroted the LA Times on that. According to this NBC article from yesterday, the wallet’s discovery was part of a criminal complaint in regard to allegations that Dorner tried to steal a boat and escape:
“The possibility that Dorner might have fled to Mexico arose in a criminal complaint filed in Feb. 7 in California’s Central District Court. Early that morning, a San Diego boat captain said, Dorner had tried to steal his boat to flee south across the border, according to the complaint. Dorner’s wallet and identification cards were found near the border with Mexico, according to the complaint.”
“An investigator working the case said that a wallet and identification cards belonging to Dorner were recovered last week at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, according to a federal complaint filed Thursday in Santa Ana.”
As if that wasn’t strange enough, the same UT San Diego report goes on to mention that before Dorner’s wallet and ID cards being found at the U.S.-Mexico border, an earlier report from authorities claimed his wallet and ID had already been found in the middle of a San Diego street:
“That contradicts with what authorities said on Thursday, when it was reported that a shuttle bus driver turned over Dorner’s wallet, LAPD police badge and photo ID to San Diego police after a passer-by found them near Lindbergh Field. San Diego Police Chief Bill Lansdowne said Tuesday that the items were found in the middle of Pacific Highway and Laurel Street.”
So again: how many wallets, complete with ID cards, did Dorner own? How often do people own multiple wallet sets complete with duplicate ID cards?

Chris doner dies after his cabin that he was locked in caught fire,
Near Big Bear Lake, California (CNN) -- A SWAT team has stormed a cabin near Big Bear Lake where a suspect believed to be renegade ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner had holed up after a fatal shootout with sheriff's deputies, a source familiar with the operation told CNN.

The cabin caught fire after police detonated smoke devices inside the cabin, the source said.

Aerial images showed heavy smoke and flames coming from a structure. The cabin continued to burn more than 90 minutes after the fire started, but sources familiar with the operation said the fire department would arrive at the site once the road was cleared.

One of the two sheriff's deputies wounded in the shootout earlier Tuesday with the suspect died, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon told reporters at California's Loma Linda University Medical Center. The other deputy was in surgery "but he should be fine," McMahon said.

The wounded officers had been taken to the Loma Linda facility with "unknown injuries," after a shots were exchanged with a man at a police roadblock near Big Bear Lake, the sheriff's office said earlier in a statement.

The day's confrontations began when a California Fish and Wildlife officer was driving down a highway near Big Bear and he recognized a man fitting the description of Dorner -- target of a massive manhunt since last week -- driving a vehicle in the other direction. The wildlife officer chased the vehicle and the driver opened fire on the officer before abandoning the vehicle, a statement from the agency said.
chris doner dies,chris doner dead
Chris Doner Dead -Trapped in cabin on Fire!

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