Fox News: Westboro Baptist Church is Left-Wing Cult

""Left-Wing Westboro Cult" — that's how Fox Nation categorized the Westboro Baptist Church, the notorious "independent" (hate) group that's notoriously been protesting funerals in Newtown of late. Fox used the description in a story about the funerals posted to its website last week, but it's getting passed around today. In honor of this Left-Wing Cult, we've collected visual evidence of Westboro's severe left-wing behavior to back up Fox News's bold assertion."*

The clowns at Fox News are at again. Now they're saying the loathsome Westboro Baptist Church is "left-wing" and Fred Phelps is "a democrat." Really? Since when are left-wingers fundamentalist? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian set the record straight.