Exposing Anonymous for censoring you, profiting off you and trying to ki...

On 01-01-2013 The Your Rights Vigilante channel will expose anonymous censoring there follower and for profiting off you and the deaths of the 20 kids that lost their lives not so long ago! along with anonymous's Attempt to kill millions in the US and millions more around the world!

Anonymous thinks it is above the law and is allowed to do anything they wish! 

I am accusing them of collaborating with the Westboro Baptist church incident for profit! 

I say anonymous is collaborating with this church because anonymous claims to have hacked their websites and brought them down and yet they could not even stop me or remove my YouTube channel when I flat out challenged them after being told I was not allowed to post my plan and posted multiple videos calling for anonymous to Hack and remove the YRV channel! 

So I have to ask if anonymous can not shut me up? How is it they took down all the websites of that church? 

"I think it is because they was working together for mutual profit! And mutual media exposure!"

I will be providing you proof of anonymous profiting off its followers

I will be providing proof of censorship by anonymous

If anonymous is how they say they are they will remove this channel before I Expos them if not they are everything I just accused them of! 100%