Brit B1tch Piers Morgan to Leave U.S. if Second Amendment Not Repealed


Kurt Nimmo
December 29, 2012
On Saturday, CNN host Piers Morgan threatened to deport himself if the United States government does not roll back the Second Amendment.
“Although I don't really like the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, – seriously consider deporting myself,” Morgan wrote for the Daily Mail, a British publication.
Morgan issued his threat to leave the country after more than a week of news coverage following a petition posted on the White House website calling for his deportation. petition singled out Morgan as an enemy of the Second Amendment and accused him of using his position as a television network host to undermine the civil liberties of Americans.
We know it is unlikely Morgan will be deported by the government. The purpose of our petition was to draw attention to threats against the Second Amendment following the Sandy Hook massacre. In the days following the tragedy, the establishment media and certain anti-Second Amendment figures in government dominated the discussion. Media coverage of the petition and its defense of the Second Amendment helped balance the scales.
Morgan’s Daily Mail article argues that the NRA is somehow an omniscient force in American politics. In fact, support for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights represents a powerful force in American politics that overshadows the NRA, a fact Mr. Morgan seems incapable of comprehending. Millions of Americans know that the anti-gun proposals floated by Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Michael Bloomberg and other establishment politicians are gateway measures that will ultimately lead to the virtual extinction of the Second Amendment.
As Gary North wrote on December 22, the Second Amendment serves as a powerful symbol for liberty and individual sovereignty.
The existence of the Second Amendment means the American citizen “still has the fundamental marks of political sovereignty, namely, firearms. His firearms testify to the fact that the central government does not yet feel sufficiently confident to confiscate his firearms in the name of the central government’s exclusive monopoly of violence. His firearms testify to the fact that he is still a citizen, and that he still possesses rights that politicians and bureaucrats cannot legally overturn.”
More than the hunting rifle and shotgun kept for self-defense – which Piers Morgan claims he supports the ownership of – the so-called assault rifle stands as the symbol of liberty and resistance to an over-sized and increasingly tyrannical federal government.
In the Daily Mail article, Morgan once again demonstrates that he is a dangerous enemy of the Second Amendment and all it stands for. “Obama should follow-up by launching a Government buy-back for all existing assault weapons in circulation (as worked successfully in Los Angeles last week). I would go further, confiscating the rest and enforcing tough prison sentences on those who still insist on keeping one,” he writes. No doubt we can expect Morgan to continue his subversion against the lawful ownership of firearms on his nationally syndicated television show as Congress moves next month to introduce and ultimately impose draconian legislation on the American people.
Finally, on this Friday past Alex Jones and posted a second petition on the White House website. It calls for the federal government – including the Secret Service and the Pentagon – to disarm under the mandate of the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990.
Journalist Alex Jones and are calling for President Barack Obama to issue an executive order amending the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990,” the petition states. “The executive order will establish the White House, all federal buildings and federal events as gun free zones and all federal security personnel will turn in their guns. We also demand the order apply to private schools such as Sidwell Friends School attended by the president’s daughters. This petition is a response to government and corporate media dismissing a call for armed guards at schools following the Sandy Hook shooting. Jones and believe there should not be a double standard. If the government believes gun free zones are a solution for citizens, the same standard should apply to government servants and employees.”
We do not expect a response from the Obama administration or for that matter an executive order disarming the federal government. The petition simply points out the fact government intends to keep its massive arsenal of weapons – including over a billion recently purchased bullets – and underscore the fact government as history repeatedly demonstrates poses a deadly threat to citizens, a threat for more awesome than any number of deranged school shooters.

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