Shameless Looters Display Stolen Goods On #Twitter

Sandy Loot Crew’ plans more heists & violence tonight
Paul Joseph Watson
October 31, 2012
Looters who are taking advantage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy are posting photographs of their stolen goods on Twitter and bragging about how they plan to carry out more thefts and violence.
Shocking images posted to the social networking website depict individuals who appear to be working together boasting about how they have stolen laptops, TV’s, and other electronics from both stores and private homes that fell victim to the hurricane.
The gangs appear to be organizing their looting expeditions under the hashtag #SandyLootCrew. Most of the accounts have thousands of previous tweets. Some are obviously fakes being run by trolls – just as some of the threats made against Mitt Romney were fake and some real, but a number of the accounts appeared to be genuine and have substantial tweet histories.
Other Twitter users attempted to report the looters and some of their accounts were suspended. Members of the hacking group ‘Anonymous’ apparently also got embroiled in an effort to stop the looters.
As we first highlighted on Monday, the looting was planned on Twitter well in advance of the hurricane making landfall. News reports from numerous different areas are now flooding in confirming that widespread looting is taking place.
Twitter user Kyle Newman took screenshots of some of the tweets where he caught gang members organizing which houses they would loot ahead of the storm.
Not only are members of the gang bragging about their stolen loot, they are also openly planning violence.
Jackson also talked about getting a bigger boat and having already looted 20 Playstation 3′s. His original account is - as you can see he has almost 5,000 previous tweets, confirming that the account is genuine. If the account is a fake, as some have suggested, threatening to pipe bomb hospitals still doesn’t go down too well with the authorities.
He also talked about how he allowed his son to beat up old women and rob them.
Other Twitter users expressed their outrage at the looters for exploiting the victims of the hurricane.
Members of the looting gang also posted pictures of signs made by people threatening to shoot looters.
Read more tweets below from members of the ‘SandyLootCrew’ threatening more violence, some of it racial, as well as threats to rape women and loot more homes and businesses.
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